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Making an impact @Beyond Next Festival

We are excited to announce to be part of the #BeyondNext Circularity Festival on 7 and 8 February 2019. We will shed our light on how education can shift realities.

Central theme: What do we need to do to achieve a more sustainable future? How can we shift mindsets in businesses, systems and individuals? Be part of a growing community of 600 entrepreneurs, students, NGOs and bring your talent.

Together with AMFI - Amsterdam Fashion Institute, ABN AMRO, Gemeente Amsterdam, and HEMA, #BeyondNext tackles the four major themes of education, access over ownership, organic waste, and single-use plastics! Join the acceleration towards a circular economy by joining the challenges below:

🏡 Beyond Ownership: How can we promote access over ownership in the home?

👩🏽‍🎓 Beyond Education: How can fashion education equip students for a new reality?

🚀 Beyond Plastics: How can we transition to a system free of single use plastics?

🍉 Beyond Leftovers: How can we effectively recover and reuse organic waste in the city?

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