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The things that make you weird as a kid...

I fell in love. With the language. Age 12. French. I only had a few months of lessons. Long enough – so I thought - to put a chalk board in my bedroom ..and offer ‘tutoring’ to my fellow classmates.

Silly isn't it? And still..I remember they dared to ask me questions they didn't want to ask our teacher and then we jointly looked for the answers. There and then in my own home, I experienced the magic of group learning, playing and discovering together.

Since then I know that being the expert in the room is not what it’s really about, for me. Learning starts with having fun together, being passionate about something, being able to ask any question. This is still what I enjoy the most. This is still what I believe to be most memorable and having lasting impact. Let someone else ‘be’ the expert. I know how to get a group in love with the journey of mutual discovery.

What made you ‘weird’ as a kid?


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