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Your Last Lecture

Imagine you had to give your last speech; what would you say, what would you leave behind? Which moments in your life do you shine light on? Who would you thank? The answers to these questions can provide you with key insights about what you can focus on now.

On September 18th 2007 professor Randy Pausch (computer science) gave his last speech for 400 people at the Carnegie Mellon University, called “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.” With slides of his CT scans he showed how the cancer would soon take his life. That day on stage though, professor Pausch is beaming, radiant, ridiculously funny even. He seems invincible.

Sadly enough Randy lost his battle in July 2008, but his lecture is a phenomenon.

This speech is about personal leadership: seizing opportunities, chasing goals, losing & winning and many other profound life lessons.

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