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Future impact? Make a selfie or team picture

“As soon as you consider yourself to be part of the problem, you become part of the solution.”

An insight I gained while working as a teamcoach at Future Impact – an event from laluz foundation.

Goal: develop and pitch a commercial proposition to solve a complex issue (e.g. youth unemployment, bullying, obesity). The jury consists of venture capitalists and hardcore entrepreneurs.

All conditions were there: brainpower from 60 professionals, NGO’s, social enterprises and companies like TMG, FrieslandCampina, Ebbinge and Alliander; guest speakers such as Mirjam Sterk to point out the urgency of the issues; inspiring talks on creativity and pitching.

Still, at one point a team gets terribly stuck on the issue at hand. What can we do for the ones being bullied or the ‘bullies’? A breakthrough occurs when we all admit to have been bullied and bullies ourselves. We fall silent, something happens. We take a picture with ourselves in it, instead of pointing at others. This creates space and material to look at what could have real impact. Isn’t it more easy to look at what we need ourselves to stop harassment and bullying? This is easier than talking about what other people might or might not need.

And so a good, simple idea is born – awarded by the critical jury. The rest of the story I can’t reveal right now. At this moment the team is working hard to develop a business model, attract developers etc. Laluz is holding a follow up event where – hopefully – investors will join.

Like to read more on realising breakthroughs, connected to change and leadership?

In this respect, I have learned a lot from my colleague Arend Ardon. His book ‘Doorbreek de cirkel’ is a Dutch management bestseller. It provides scientific insights, but mostly practical ways to realise breakthroughs, by taking a picture with ourselves in it.


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