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Keep in Mind: Berlin Change Days 2016

Walking through Kreuzberg, I realized what a great choice it was to organize the Berlin Change Days in that part of town. Great for roaming the streets (we had splendid autumn weather), great for shopping (I bought a windercoat) and going out (Jazzclub in Rosenthaler Strasse). I had just been asked to co-design and co-facilitate the BCD in 2016. No wonder I had a smile on my face as I strolled along the sunny streets.

The Berlin Change Days, I found, has a human scale and a stimulating diversity on many levels. This edition saw 130 attendants from Peru to Portugal from Australia to Lebanon join together in the “global Agora for people who are passionate about organizational and personal development.”

This year’s theme was around transformative change. In his key-note address, founder Holger Neuheimer, defined four change-facilitator archetypes to meet today’s turbulence: Snake-charmer, Crafstman, Socerer, Jester.

Lead facilitator, Eugenio Mollini, further developed this angle by applying psychological categories to the domain of the change practitioner. The role of the facilitator, he argued, has developed from promoting change to being the change himself: being a safe place, being vulnerable, humble, inclusive and embodying his gift.

This focus on the facilitator as a human being proved a valuable perspective for attending the workshops on offer. Presenters from across the globe treated subjects like Digital transformation, Shame, pride and vulnerability, Sociocracy, Non-violent communication, Working with dilemma’s, etc. They shared knowledge, tools and experiences and built a rich learning space. There was enough to be satisfied and more to be curious about.

So, it will be a wonderful challenge to keep the 2016 Berlin Change Days as intimate, stimulating and at the edge of learning as it was this year. And to build upon its 7 year’s tradition of increasing scope and attendance. Preparations for #BCD16 will soon begin when we go looking for an over-arching theme, inviting speakers and designing a program that matters. To address the questions that disturb and inspire us.

Check your calendar for 28 -30th of October and join me at the 2016 Berlin Change Days in Kreuzberg...

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