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Kick off L & D gang

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

A new initiative: the 'Learning & Development Gang'! The aim of the L & D Gang is to meet people within our industry with different backgrounds and experiences to share knowledge and to support our own learning path…. next to some fun and inspiration of course! For the kick-off, invitations will be sent out to our L&D colleagues from: Hilton, EY, Microsoft, Okura, Booking, NH Hotels, Pink Coat, Accor Hotel Group, Carglass, Atos, Optiver, TNO & KLM.

After the kick-off meeting December 7th you may decide if you like to join us next year. We are also open to recommendations for new members, although we’d like to start with no more than 18 bright, bubbly participants (that’s a 3 year plan:) We’d like to come together every 8 weeks (6x per year) and every member should host one get-together of 1.5 hours. There are no costs involved, we just ask for a commitment of you being a sparkling host once.

Are you working in the field of L&D and you like the idea? Are you able to join at least 4x per year and willing to host an event? Please join us on December 7 in Amsterdam.

The L&D Gang is an initiative of Ruth de Groot (Good Hotel Group), Jeanine Jansen (Nyenrode Business University/REMEMBER THE TLNT) and Alexander Mulder (UBER), all working in the field of learning & development.

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