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Tribal Meeting for Change makers @Berlin

On November 1-3, we will host a workshop at the upcoming edition of the Berlin Change Days (BCD#19). First time ever, Jeanine will build on what she loves to do OUTSIDE of work; singing. This has always been a far more private, amateur arena, yet others have encouraged her to use her voice, as an instrument for learning. Also, through her recent PhD research, based on intersubjectivity, materiality and phenomenology, she is actually discovering how voice is a way into the subconscious, the irrational and into what makes us unique a human beings. Are you in?

What are the Berlin Change Days (BCD)? What is it about this time?

BCD is tribal meeting for people with a passion for change. An annual forum for change makers, change facilitators and transformation agents from all over the world.

This year the focus is around space; inner, outer, cyber - designed to make us experience and reflect on different levels and degrees of how space can shape our individual, collective and global perspective. Very ambitious…!

Guiding questions around inner spaces are: What conditions and circumstances do people need to expand their boundaries? How to slow down in an accelerating world? How can we discover emotional and creative spaces in ourselves?

Leading questions around outer space might be: What kind of work spaces foster innovation and change? How do we facilitate collaboration in organisations and in the public arena? How important is physical space when everything can happen in the virtual space?

Interesting questions around cyber space: What is the best virtual environment for remote teams and how to facilitate virtual team work? How does augmented reality change the way we work in organisations?

More information?

Take a look and see if you like to join this Berlin tribe:

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