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These days we need our tribes more than ever

Camp fire, DJ’s, Latin dance, collaborative cooking & more in a virtual Change festival!

These days we need our tribes more than ever. The Change Days, hosted by Holger Nauheimer and his team, have always been a site for us to experiment & play. A place where we laugh, learn and meet extraordinary colleagues and friends from all over the world.

Upcoming Saturday, November 7th, we’ll meet in Berlin and Toronto. Also, nora bateson will be joining us to make sense of what’s happening around us. This is what Jouke and Jeanine will be offering:

Finding our inner activist voice (Jeanine)

As Jeanine has been encouraged by others to use her singing voice, she will offer one about finding our much needed activist’s voices. Jeanine leads us into her PhD research with the concept of ‘Embodied Polyphony’ by playing with voice and experience how to explore diversity and new possibilities from the inside out. Our voices are a way into our subconscious, the irrational and into what makes us unique a human beings. Better yet, our voices are a relational instrument for transformation. Oh, and the uglier you sing the better, as long as you bring your passion or curiosity for change.

Virtual Museum Coaching (Jouke)

The rising use of arts-based methods in organizational development and change, have scholars inquire into how and why these methods work. One of the ways is when essences of a work of art form the basis of learning. This is what this workshop will be about. Google Arts and Culture are developing on-line museum tours of the best museums in the world. Jouke will invite you to choose a work of art from one of these museums and discuss its essence in terms of how you deal with change.

Care about change and want to make a difference?

You are welcome to join us. Check out the full online menu:


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